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Vintage Vibes With Meagan's Moda

There is no doubt that vintage is having a major moment in fashion right now. What's old is new again, and anything with a retro vibe feels cool and fresh. Our blogger friend Meagan Brandon of Meagan's Moda has long been a Brahmin fan, and she was thrilled to find a vintage Brahmin Hunt bag on eBay. It seems to have become a wardrobe staple within Meagan's handbag rotation, and we can see why - its saddle shape is just as relevant today as it was when it was originally designed in 1982. Scroll through to see what we mean. 

In fact, we loved her style so much that when it came time for our design team to choose a few best-sellers from our archives for a limited-edition anniversary collection, the Hunt was a must. Here is the update to this classic in Pecan Concordia, an original Brahmin leather combination with a pop color on the trim.  

Celebrate our 35th anniversary with us with a piece from our limited-edition anniversary collection (we think the Hunt is a fabulous choice). Shop here

-Your friends at Brahmin

Behind The Bag

Yesterday, we shared some photos of our handbags' journey through the design process from a vision to reality. Today, take a tour of our factory with some behind the scenes footage as our bags come to life before your very eyes.   

PS - something BIG is happening today. See what all the hype is about and click here

-Your friends at Brahmin

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The Making Of A Brahmin

We are so excited to be celebrating our 35th anniversary this year! We love to celebrate, and we're taking the opportunity to pull the curtain back a bit and share the story behind our handbags. 100% of our products are designed in house in Massachusetts, and no detail is overlooked.  

Read on and scroll through the images to see what goes into each handbag we create. You're sure to see a lot of thought, attention, and passion behind each style.   

It all begins with a sketch…

Our bags live in paper form to perfect every design long before leather is used.

We go the distance for our leathers. Our design team selects the finest leathers from Italy and around the world.

It takes over two dozen artisans over 100 steps to make each handbag.

Stay tuned for something big tomorrow as we celebrate our 35th anniversary and really get the party started...

-Your friends at Brahmin 

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The Schooner Satchel

An original Brahmin style designed by Joan Martin, the Schooner's admired design set the standards for many Brahmin bags to come. Joan wanted to create a hard working bag that would become an all-day companion. An around the clock carryall with plenty of space, organizational features and comfortable versatility. She envisioned a feminine doctor bag with a wide opening so women could easily access their belongings. Joan's ingenuity created the Schooner, one of Brahmin's all time best selling satchels.

The meaning of the satchel goes beyond the design. The name Schooner comes from the New England heritage of the Martin family, as their ancestor in the 17th century sailed from Europe to Massachusetts on The Schooner Raven. This unique fact lead Joan and her husband Bill to not only name the satchel after the ship, but to use it as a signature for the brand. Today, the Schooner Raven can be found on our signature medallions that are featured on many of our bags (including the vault collection.)


The satchel is an important milestone in Brahmin history and its name will continue to carry on the legacy of the brand. History lessons aside, the Schooner is a great satchel to wear all year- its roomy interior and structured design is the perfect finishing touch for every look. To see all available colors click here.

Have a wonderful day!

- Your friends at Brahmin 

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The Florence Collection

Nylon meets our signature croco embossed melbourne leather in our new Florence Collection. These beautiful bags are light-weight and easy to care for (nylon is easier to wipe clean than most of our leather products) and they're great handbags to accompany you throughout your daily activities. They have all of Brahmin's interior organizational features and are always ready for you to grab and go to your next destination.

The Collection features classic black and new berry nylon, which is quickly becoming one of the most talked about shades for fall. The berry offers a bold pop of color and can be paired with so many other hues- it especially looks great with earth tones and neutrals. Both colors are trimmed in our chocolate whitney melbourne and come in a variety styles.

Check out the entire collection here. 

- Your friends at Brahmin


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A True Brahmin Legacy

Brahmin has long been recognized for its beautiful Black Tuscan Collection. A signature combination of smooth black leather and croco embossed whitney melbourne, that has been a style staple since Joan Martin originally had the idea to design a black and brown handbag that can be worn with everything (no need to switch back and forth between colors when you have one amazing handbag!)

Joan first created Black Tuscan when her husband Bill suggested rather than discarding smaller pieces of leather that were not large enough for an entire handbag, she should find a way to make something new with the extra pieces. Soon after, Joan created the first Black Tuscan collection, using the extra pieces for the croco trim.

Joan and Bill's team effort resulted in one of Brahmin's top selling collections for years to come. Today, our design team has taken this customer favorite and added a third texture to the trim, our smooth papaya vachetta leather. Not only did we add a third texture, but our new Tuscan Tri-Texture collection comes in a large assortment of our most loved styles as well as new silhouettes for the Fall season!

Shop a true Brahmin Legacy. Check out our new Tuscan Tri Texture collection here. And if you're in Houston or Baton Rouge mark your calendars! Joan Martin will be making a special appearance at your local Dillard's Department Store to personally introduce our new Tuscan Tri-Texture collection.

Friday 8/21 at the Woodlands in Houston, TX from 11am- 2pm

Saturday 8/22 in Baton Rouge, LA 11am- 2pm

Hope to see you there.

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Sport II


The Brahmin Vault is open once again and this time we have brought back a classic style designed by Joan Martin herself. Crafted for its functionality, the original Sport Crossbody was Brahmin's first utility bag, designed to make your life easier-  keeping you organized and your hands free. 


Brahmin's design team has made a few updates to the original Sport (such as a convenient front pocket for your cell phone) creating a modern version appropriately named The Sport II. 


The Sport II features many of Brahmin's quality details, including a hidden snap closure (not to worry! you don't have to unbuckle the bag each time you open it), as well as a spacious interior with multiple interior pockets. The Sport II's design reflects the timeless silhouette of a vintage canteen bag, a classic style that is always trending.


The Vault Collection was produced entirely in Brahmin's Fairhaven, Massachusetts factory and is available in limited quantities for the month of July in Brahmin's signature Melbourne colors and smooth Black Tuscan. The Sport II can be purchased only on and in Brahmin's Boutique store locations. So don't wait too long! The Sport II will be gone before you know it. 

Have a great day!

- Your Friends at Brahmin

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