February Instagram Round-Up


Can you believe February is almost over? We sure can't. Is it just us or is 2014 flying by faster than ever? We're certainly not trying to speed up time, but we can't wait for that special feeling when spring is finally in the air. The sighting of the first bloom, longer days and less layers! Ahh how we miss the days of wearing a tee shirt and sandals. If you're in the northeast, you know what we're talking about. Since we're in the spirit of spring we have selected some of our favorite instagram pictures throughout the month of February, setting our sights on soft pastels that look great when paired with most anything (neutrals, prints, bright colors... you can't go wrong!) We love these floral-like hues and hope to see more of them as the weather warms up. Thanks to Jess, Mara, Sheryl, and Sydne for posting such pretty pictures! And don't forget to follow Brahmin on instagram @Brahmin. 

Have a lovely day!

- Your Friends at Brahmin 

Posted on February 27, 2014 .