Brahmin Factory Tour

We are so excited to announce that we have a special day planned at Brahmin Headquarters and cannot wait to share with you! Three amazingly talented women from three different parts of the country are traveling to spend a day inside the heart of our handbags; our corporate headquarters and factory located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, where they will participate in an in-depth tour and get an exclusive first look at our Fall 2014 Collection! 

Name: Sydne Summer

Blog: Sydne Style

Location: Los Angeles, C.A.

Why We Love Her: Her cheerful demeanor and constant smile make her blog approachable, as though she's welcoming you into her amazing world of fashion. Sydne's keen sense of style and on-camera skills expresses a sense of confidence that inspires readers to push the wardrobe limits.

Name: Jessica Kirby

Blog: Prosseco & Plaid

Location: Newport, R.I.

Why We Love Her:  She is not afraid to take style risks and can make any article of clothing look amazing. Her mix of high to low fashion proves you don't always have to break the bank to look your best. Plus, her down to earth, laid-back personality makes you instant friends. 

Name: Grace Atwood

Blog: Stripes & Sequins

Location: New York City

Why We Love Her: We love a girl that's heading to the top through hard work and staying true to her passion. Not only is Grace's blog a hub of inspiration that includes awesome DIY projects and style advice; she balances Stripes & Sequins while working a full time job as Director of Social Media at BaubleBar. 


We can't wait to share pictures, tweets and live updates from the day! Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@brahmin) and on Twitter where you can join the conversation using the Hashtag #BrahminFactoryTour. We will be answering questions throughout the day so don't hesitate to tweet us!

- Your Friends at Brahmin 




Posted on June 17, 2014 .