Travel Tips Brahmin Style

Whether you're naturally an over packer or have mastered the "less is more" packing tactics (we're so envious of you light-packers), our new Duxbury Weekender was created for every breed of adventurer. Stay a step ahead; be prepared for each spontaneous getaway with this grab and go bag. Its incredibly spacious, comfortable (with removable shoulder strap and oversized top handles), plus its luxe look will definitely turn heads wherever you go. 


Save valuable space by packing only one handbag. That's right, we're talking a single bag that can be worn in three ways (seriously, don't bother packing that extra bag that you won't end up using.) The Duxbury Foldover's versatile shape takes you from day to night: unfold during the day for a roomy satchel, or keep your hands free and wear as a crossbody, or remove the strap and wear as a foldover clutch- the perfect finishing touch for your evening outfit. 


The convenience of a wristlet when traveling is often times a necessity. For those of us who favor a minimalist style (especially when we're kicking back, relaxing on vacation) the duxbury clutch is the way to go. This piece is perfect for multiple reasons: (1) its sleek shape makes it easy for you to carry in your larger travel bag (2) think exploration. When you're out and about, a wristlet is perfect for carrying essentials while not weighing you down (3) an instant clutch. Remove the strap and carry on its own. 


So there you have it, our traveling tips to help you pack practical and ensure you always look chic and feel your best (because that is important everywhere you go!) 

Bon Voyage!

-Your Friends at Brahmin

Posted on July 25, 2014 .