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We know that it's tough to look and feel glamorous while traveling. Long car rides or early morning airport trips followed by lengthy flights leave you feeling tired and out of sorts. Although we can't help you feel better, we can help you look your best! We've created two travel bags that will make your journey easier and chic-er. To put our new bags to the test, we had frequent jet-setter Grasie Mercedes use the Wheeled Brief and Carry-on Wheeled Duffle on some of her recent adventures. 

If you happen to follow Grasie's blog you might have noticed she recently returned from a trip of a lifetime- her honeymoon in Africa (if you don't follow her blog you must check out her pictures! They're amazing!)

After venturing across the globe and back, here are some words of wisdom:

"Luggage is important! I prefer carry-ons so I eliminate the risk of lost luggage. Go with pieces that have sturdy wheels, are durable and of course fashionable! These new wheeled pieces from Brahmin were the perfect travel companions on our trip." - Grasie Mercedes

So there you have it. Believe it or not, it is possible to travel in style and travel smart. To shop our new travel collection click here.

Have a great day!

- Your Friends at Brahmin

Posted on August 21, 2014 .