Behind the Bag


Do our Saint Tropez handbags look familiar? Perhaps you've seen the intricate woven detail before but can't quite put your finger on where you've seen it. Well we're here to help solve the mystery! Our Saint Tropez Collection was inspired by the classic French Bistro Chair. 


We know these bags may not look like your typical Brahmin, but every so often our design team feels so strongly about a specific inspiration, they bring it to life. 


While our design team was in France seeking inspiration, they were drawn to the charming sidewalk cafe chairs and their handwoven detail.


Like Brahmin bags, many of these chairs are handcrafted by skilled artisans. From the chairs' hand formed frames to their woven patterns, the authentic Parisian craftsmanship inspired the detailed raffia pattern of our Saint Tropez Collection

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about our design team's inspiration!

- Your Friends at Brahmin


Posted on March 20, 2015 .