Meet Majestic

At Brahmin we are always looking for new design elements that will give customers a greater variety of our products while remaining true to our quality and unique approach to exotic embossed leathers. We are so excited to introduce our brand new texture that we are hoping you like as much as we do, Majestic croco. Yes, we know at first glance Majestic may look similar to our popular croco embossed Melbourne leather. But we encourage you to take a closer look.

Majestic is a new variation of croco embossed leather. The scales are smaller, flatter and more subtle, a delicate approach to the exotic trend. The texture does not have the defined hornback that is present in our Melbourne Croco.

Melbourne croco features larger scales that are more pronounced. A bold and timeless take on texture that has been engrained in Brahmin's DNA since the company's start in 1982.

Majestic is currently available in our boutique stores and on in three of our most coveted styles. We will of course continue to design and manufacture our Melbourne textured bags, but are happy to offer an additional option to our textural mix. As always, we welcome your feedback as we continue to develop the best possible product for our customers. Tell us what you think of Majestic in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

Posted on May 1, 2015 .