A True Brahmin Legacy

Brahmin has long been recognized for its beautiful Black Tuscan Collection. A signature combination of smooth black leather and croco embossed whitney melbourne, that has been a style staple since Joan Martin originally had the idea to design a black and brown handbag that can be worn with everything (no need to switch back and forth between colors when you have one amazing handbag!)

Joan first created Black Tuscan when her husband Bill suggested rather than discarding smaller pieces of leather that were not large enough for an entire handbag, she should find a way to make something new with the extra pieces. Soon after, Joan created the first Black Tuscan collection, using the extra pieces for the croco trim.

Joan and Bill's team effort resulted in one of Brahmin's top selling collections for years to come. Today, our design team has taken this customer favorite and added a third texture to the trim, our smooth papaya vachetta leather. Not only did we add a third texture, but our new Tuscan Tri-Texture collection comes in a large assortment of our most loved styles as well as new silhouettes for the Fall season!

Shop a true Brahmin Legacy. Check out our new Tuscan Tri Texture collection here. And if you're in Houston or Baton Rouge mark your calendars! Joan Martin will be making a special appearance at your local Dillard's Department Store to personally introduce our new Tuscan Tri-Texture collection.

Friday 8/21 at the Woodlands in Houston, TX from 11am- 2pm

Saturday 8/22 in Baton Rouge, LA 11am- 2pm

Hope to see you there.

Posted on July 31, 2015 and filed under Legacy & Craftsmanship.