The Schooner Satchel

An original Brahmin style designed by Joan Martin, the Schooner's admired design set the standards for many Brahmin bags to come. Joan wanted to create a hard working bag that would become an all-day companion. An around the clock carryall with plenty of space, organizational features and comfortable versatility. She envisioned a feminine doctor bag with a wide opening so women could easily access their belongings. Joan's ingenuity created the Schooner, one of Brahmin's all time best selling satchels.

The meaning of the satchel goes beyond the design. The name Schooner comes from the New England heritage of the Martin family, as their ancestor in the 17th century sailed from Europe to Massachusetts on The Schooner Raven. This unique fact lead Joan and her husband Bill to not only name the satchel after the ship, but to use it as a signature for the brand. Today, the Schooner Raven can be found on our signature medallions that are featured on many of our bags (including the vault collection.)


The satchel is an important milestone in Brahmin history and its name will continue to carry on the legacy of the brand. History lessons aside, the Schooner is a great satchel to wear all year- its roomy interior and structured design is the perfect finishing touch for every look. To see all available colors click here.

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Posted on October 1, 2015 and filed under Legacy & Craftsmanship.