Meet Mara

We teamed up with Mara Ferreira, one of LA's most style-savvy leading ladies and the creator of the Fashion & Lifestyle blog M Loves M.  

Mara met us on set of our spring photo shoot where she spent time getting to know our latest collection and the inspiration behind the colors, textures and fresh new designs.  She also shared a few of her own personal style secrets and the spring trends she's most excited about. 

B: We are huge fans of your style. How would you describe your fashion choices and do you have a personal style motto that you follow?

M: I've always said that my style is feminine and classic. Lately its been incredibly comfortable with sweaters, jeans and flats!

B: What are three wardrobe staples that you couldn't live without?

M: A little black dress, a neutral coat and a pair of pointy heels.

B: What is your most valued style advice that you give to your readers?

M: To wear what makes you happiest! You have to be comfortable, and feel like yourself in whatever you wear. 

B: You do such a great job integrating color and texture into your style. What advice can you share with women wanting to do the same?

M: Start small until you feel more comfortable! If you're nervous about color, add it through accessories first. Then, work it into an outfit with separates. For texture, I think there should always be a balance. Too much of the same doesn't always work.

B: What is the biggest Spring Fashion trend that you're most excited about?

M:  I love the sweet details of embroidery, ruffles, florals and lace. Those are my favorite kind of spring looks!  


To see more from Mara visit her blog M Loves M, and to shop our new Spring Collection click here.

Have a great day! 

Posted on February 11, 2016 and filed under Bloggers & Fashion.