Model Talk: Allie Rizzo


If you flip through our spring catalog - she is our cover girl! - or open our emails, you will see Allie donning our chicest spring styles. (If you do not yet, be sure to sign up to receive catalogs here and emails at the bottom of the page here.) We sat down with Allie at our spring photo shoot to ask her some burning questions about her passions, style inspiration, and must-have handbags for spring.  

Brahmin: We’ll start with the basics: where are you from?

Allie: I was born in Canada, but raised in Virginia.

B: What is the quality you admire most in a woman?

A: I admire women who are strong, but also compassionate, kind, and support other women. We should encourage each other’s successes as much as our own.

B: What are you passionate about outside of modeling?

A: I have a love of animals and founded Mother of Dogs to speak for animals who cannot speak for themselves. I am so proud to have created a platform to educate and encourage people to stop breeding and buying pets when so many shelter dogs are overlooked.

B: What are three things you cannot leave the house without?

A: My favorite handbag, my wallet, and my iPhone.

B: Us too! How many handbags would you say are in your closet?

A: You can never have enough handbags. They make an outfit.

B: We could not agree more. Any favorites from our spring collection that you have to have?

A: The Hudson bucket bag…this style is so on trend, and I cannot wait to carry one.

B: Do you have a personal style motto?

A: Comfort first. If I’m not comfortable, I won’t feel sexy. I like to dress quite simply and carry a statement bag.

B: What is the one handbag everyone should have in their wardrobe?

A: A classic black bag.

B: May we suggest the Duxbury satchel? Thank you for helping us get to know you better, Allie!

Now it’s your turn: what styles are you most excited about for spring?

- Your friends at Brahmin

Posted on March 11, 2016 and filed under Behind the Scenes.