The One Handbag Every Woman Should Own

If you are like us and worship Rachel Zoe’s innate flair for styling, you may have seen the same article on The Zoe Report: The One Handbag Every Woman Should Own. As handbag connoisseurs, we were immediately intrigued as to which style Rachel would choose as the ultimate closet essential. After all, we could argue that each style from the clutch to the crossbody plays an important role in your closet. Any guesses as to what style Rachel chose?

Her answer: the tote. She raves about the tote’s ability to carry you through busy days jam-packed with meetings, gym sessions, and dinner dates. Spacious and versatile, totes are the practical solution to carry your every necessity form your laptop to sneakers to makeup and beyond. We must say, we agree wholeheartedly and would take this one step further: for each of these events, a Brahmin tote is required. #BrahminRequired   

May we suggest a tote or two to add to your wardrobe, stat? Shop the entire collection here.

-Your friends at Brahmin

Posted on August 12, 2016 .