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There is something about Fall. A time to refresh your closet and start anew. We say the best way to breathe new life into your wardrobe is with a new handbag (or two, or three). This Fall, see why Brahmin is required no matter where the season may take you.

Throughout the entire Fall season, you are sure to see #BrahminRequired pop up in your social feeds. We will be showing you time and time again why Brahmin is your necessary companion for your every excursion.

Heading to work? We have the perfect tote that is professional and polished.

Brunching or shopping with your girlfriends? Bring along your Brahmin crossbody for a full day of hands-free fun.

Need to get decked out for date night? Don’t forget your Brahmin clutch that is sure to make a lasting impression.  

Join the fun and show us where you will be taking your Brahmin…be sure to tag @brahmin and use #BrahminRequired to share with us!

-Your friends at Brahmin

Posted on July 22, 2016 .

Brahmin On Location

Our fall photo shoot was one to remember. We were in search of a setting where our muse could get lost in a world of unique art and decor; a location where our entire team could experience the design inspiration behind our fall collection and convey that same theme to our customers- the wanderlust and adventure of the bohemian voyageur.  Lucky for us we found the perfect place.  The restaurant CAV located in Providence, Rhode Island 


Founded in 1989 by Sylvia Moubayed, CAV was a labor of love- a space where Sylvia envisioned bringing people together, creating happiness through the sharing of food & drinks among friends and loved ones. She wanted the dining experience at CAV to be unique, a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Having spent many years abroad, Sylvia had collected incredible works of art; ranging from rare tribal pieces to 16th century Buddah statues. Today, these exquisite antiques can be found throughout the restaurant, creating an ambiance that makes you leave your day-to-day at the door and live in the moment, as you enter the magical world of CAV.


CAV which stands for Cocktails, Antiques and Victuals, was once a knife factory that sat vacant for years before Sylvia decided to create a cozy restaurant that made guests feel at home. Sylvia's transformation of the space combined with her delicious menu and warm hospitality, guarantees you will leave with a smile on your face (we all did!)


It was a pleasure shooting at this amazing location. If you are ever in Providence, you must stop by and experience this wonderful restaurant. It's too good to miss!

- Your Friends at Brahmin


Posted on September 24, 2014 .

Brahmin Fall 2013 Photoshoot

Brahmin On Location at the Fall 2013 Photoshoot

Welcome to Brahmin fall where we spent the day channeling our adoration for the simplicity and elegance of the UK. Honing in on iconic vintage styles, making old become new once again. The day flew by as we created the perfect blend of Brahmin and English inspiration.

Brahmin On Location at the Fall 2013 Photoshoot
Brahmin On Location at the Fall 2013 Photoshoot
Posted on December 23, 2013 .