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35th Anniversary Collection

With so many exciting things happening around our celebration, you have been hearing about our 35th anniversary a lot lately. To commemorate some early fan favorites, we've brought some of our top styles back from the archives in a limited edition anniversary collection. Our design team had a blast looking back at old sketches, catalogs, and photos and redesigning select styles with a modern spin. Do you believe that some of the exact same Italian leathers are used in these styles that were used 35 years ago? 

Read on to see the full collection, now available for a limited time.  

The Flower is a classic silhouette with a chic minimalism. 

The Hunt is a saddle-style crossbody with a cool, retro vibe. 

The Satchel is one of our originals in a shape that has never gone out of style. 

The Index Wallet is the perfect small size with built-in functionality. The kiss-lock closure gives this style a vintage feel.  

Top any of your Brahmins with an anniversary tassel in some of our favorite Fall textures. Extra perk: monogram the limited-edition medallion to make it your own.  

Celebrate with us and shop the full collection here. Cheers to 35 years of Brahmin style and many more to come! 

-Your friends at Brahmin

Posted on August 2, 2017 and filed under Trend Inspiration.

Mark Your Calendars...


That's right! The vault is opening once again on October 1st, so save the date because you will not want to miss it! For anyone unfamiliar with our exclusive Vault Collection, here is what you need to know:

Brahmin Vault is a small collection that typically consists of one bag style that was well received when originally introduced to the Brahmin line. The bag is then re-created entirely in our Fairhaven, Massachusetts factory in a variety of current leathers. Think of it as our most popular timeless bags getting a modern day makeover. Creating a Vault collection is fun for everyone involved. Here at Brahmin we get to reminisce back to some of our past favorite bag styles, while our customers get to learn unique pieces of Brahmin history... or if they've been with us long enough- may actually remember when the bag style was first launched! (See the story behind our last vault here.)

Our Vault collections are made in limited quantities, so if you like what you see... act fast! Once a certain vault style sells out, it will not be made available again. Our Vault bags can only be purchased on our website or in one of our Brahmin boutique stores.

We're looking forward to October's Vault! What past Brahmin bags would you like to see return from the Vault? Comment below and let us know!

Have a great week!

-Your Friends at Brahmin 



Posted on June 23, 2014 .