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It's National Handbag Day! (Hooray!)


Technically speaking, every day is handbag day here at Brahmin (it’s a tough job, but…). What makes October 10th so special is that we get to celebrate our obsession on a grander scale. Today, we grab life by the top handles and proudly declare, “Yes, we need another bag. Really.”

Not that we have to preach about bags to you, the official choir, but to honor the occasion, we’ve jotted down the top six reasons why handbags deserve a special day of their own.

1. They’re the ultimate companions.

Your bag has your back. It stays by your side, keeping you organized and schlepping all the stuff you’d otherwise drop, forget, lose, and leave behind on the way. (Incidentally, Uber: You have all our umbrellas).

2. They’re portable works of art.

Handbags are things of beauty. Case in point: Have you seen our new Gabriella Satchel in Ivy Cellini? A fantasy of Italian velvet and elaborate embossing, it inspires second glances and audible sighs.


3. They make an outfit.

For those mad-dash mornings when you have to excavate leggings from the laundry heap: a structured, textured handbag swinging from your shoulder makes the difference between “artfully undone” and just plain undone.

4. They’re extensions of your personality.

Are you wild about leopard prints? Is creative patchwork your thing? Do you feel pulled together with a classic satchel poised on your wrist? Your favorite handbag is a tool of self-expression. Own it.


5. Pockets are cute in theory, but useless in practice.

Seriously, if you’ve got more than a set of keys and a case of Tic-Tacs to carry, don’t even bother.

6. They make fail-proof gifts

No one has ever been disappointed by a handbag because, reasons 1-5.

Have we left anything off the list? Share your thoughts and we’ll add it on!

And now that we’ve paid proper homage to handbags, we can get down to business.  See how these tastemakers and style-setters are wearing our favorite looks, and start celebrating!


Posted on October 10, 2017 .