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Inspired By: Marble

It's always fun to get a glimpse into the minds of the design team and learn a little about the inspiration behind a season or collection. 

For Summer, you may have noticed a bit of a trend...

Natural elements like marble were floating around the design office as they dreamed of our Summer collection. As you can see, these marbled motifs were the inspiration behind the patterns and colorations of our Topaz and White Tortoise prints. The variations in hues and asymmetrical prints play beautifully with the textures of our leathers, creating a collection of handbags that are a true work of art.   

Shop the full collections and add a little marble to your closet here

-Your friends at Brahmin

Posted on May 4, 2017 and filed under Trend Inspiration.

Summer 17 Inspiration

Our Summer collection has made its initial debut (if you haven’t yet, go check it out immediately!), and today we are letting you in on a little of what inspired the styles you see. This season, our design team took inspiration from the streets of Havana…spicy flavors, vibrant colors, and lively music that create a feeling of fun perfect for the hot weather. Here are some of the colors, textures, and prints you can look forward to seeing:  

Intrigued? Click here to see the first hints of summer…

-Your friends at Brahmin

Posted on April 25, 2017 and filed under Behind the Scenes.

Inspiration: Winter 2016

With our Winter collection making its grand debut soon (hint: two new collections will be available to shop next week!), we are sharing some of the inspiration behind the new textures, trends, and colors you are about to see.

This season, our designers were inspired by the tranquil world of the Far East. Textures are rich and luscious; the style is elegant and sultry. The collection lends a nod to elements of Asian ornamentation: it is soft and sensual with an art deco edge and geometric lines. Romantic hues dominate, accented by hints of shimmer and berry. We’re enchanted, and we think you will be, too…

Regal embellishments: Embroidery and studs add grandeur and a festive feel to the season, while lace adds femininity.  

Patchwork: Patchwork prints were all over the runways, and high contrast combinations create an impactful geometric look.

Stripes: Stripes never go out of style, but they are made new again this season with minimalistic lines and strategic placement.

Black and white: This color combination is always right, and it takes on an especially sophisticated and contemporary feel this season.

Pink: The pink of this season is a soft, dusty blush with a romantic feel.

Sage green: Serene and soft, the green of the season is wistful and elegant.

Color Palette: muted pink and green, soft neutrals, deep metallic, and a pop of berry comprise the color palette of the season.

Who is ready to start their shopping for the season ahead?

-Your friends at Brahmin

Posted on October 13, 2016 and filed under Trend Inspiration.

All Seasons Style

Is it just us, or has time been flying by faster than ever? Here in the northeast, the seasons have been a blur with one quickly leading to the next, giving us little time to prepare our wardrobes for the change in temperature. Not to mention Mother Nature has been playing games with us. One day it will be snowing (or even worse, an arctic polar vortex), and seemingly the next day will be comfortable, brinking on "warm" temperatures. Checking the weather has become an everyday necessity before getting dressed each morning. Oh how we miss the easy days of summer when you can throw on a sun dress or wear your favorite loose fitting tank with jeans or a skirt! The silver lining in all of this... it is possible to have one less outfit element to think about on a daily basis. And yes, we’re talking your handbag

Take our popular Anna Satchel in new Creme Lady Vineyard. This lovely piece can be paired with style for every season. Hints of color, such as yellow and gold hues contrast with the bag's navy stripe making the satchel stand out and be noticed against whatever outfit you're wearing. Exotic pops and prints also go well with the bag's neutral color palette. 

The #Brahmin Anna Season styled for a #cool winter day

Fingers crossed that Punxsutawney Phil will not see his shadow and we will have an early spring (does that ever happen?) As the days start to lengthen and the temperature gradually begins to rise, you can still turn to the Anna Satchel as your go-to everyday bag. Pair with a simple tee, or chic sleeveless tank and whatever pant or skirt you wish. Jewelry accents, pops of print, and intricate patterns all mix well with the color blocking of the creme lady vineyard collection. Don't be afraid to mix and match. Playing with patterns is a big trend this spring and there are no rules! You no longer have to worry about matching or pairing a neutral pant with your favorite floral printed shirt. Now is the time to embrace your inner fashionista! 

The #Brahmin Anna Season styled for a #warm winter day